The walking dead is an American film premiere that is based on a comic depicting an imaginary post-apocalyptic horror scenario which, would befall the world supposing a zombie apocalypse infection was to break out in the world today.

The walking dead has made more debut since the production of the series premiere which continues to dominate the American series preview than the comics made head waves during the time it was incepted.

The walking dead was created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Who first started the idea as a comic book concept before it was developed into one of the bestselling movies ever to be created in 2010. The walking dead series tells the story of a character named Rick Grimes who was a policeman before he became wounded during a police action and after that, he was admitted to a surgery room, where he fell into a coma, where he was thought dead but not abandoned.

The story begins from where Rick Grimes wakes up from the coma he fell into and saw that the world he knew had been changed forever by a zombie apocalypse which was dominating the world. Then after rick gains a complete consciousness, then he leaves the hospital to find his family but to his amazement, his family had moved far from the zombie infestation into a safe haven.

Then what Rick does is to find people who understand about the zombies about how they move, how they detect, what they do and what is needed to eliminate the zombies.

With this knowledge, he acquires then Rick hits the road in an effort to discover his family and at the same time find a safer haven for where they can live together happily again.

But this all seems to be an ideology as Ricks through a thorough search was able to discover his family, through the help of many people who he met on the way and but the most arduous task which was the aim of the movie is surviving the zombie apocalypse without having to turn into the zombies themselves.

Also coupled with the challenge of surviving, Rick as well has to deal with other survivors who are aggressive and dominant, sabotages, rebels and opposing parties who were more dangerous than even the zombies which are the main focus of the movie itself.

The movie continues to flourish as more characters and more storylines are added making the movie a continuous thrill of unending suspense.

The walking dead is one of a kind as the concept continues to be produced in other various types of technological artworks. One of such concepts is in the gaming system. The walking dead has mass produced today into even the video games as many types of version depicting the same story but different characters continue to come out and dominate the media.

The walking dead as of today airs on television, internet, and now it is created into a playable mode which can be played in video games, android games, IOS games, Pc mac games, casino gambling games and it's latest collection which is the creation of the game in a Virtual Reality control set.

Also, coupled with this is that the movie has a lot of accessories which is branded in its name, an example is the walking dead cup, the walking dead t-shirts, the walking dead hoodies, the walking dead vests, the walking dead books, the walking dead applications, the walking dead shoes, the walking dead trainers, the walking dead underwear, the walking dead canvas and among others.

The walking dead popularity has similarly added to its business popularity as more and more creations branded and fashioned in the character's name and roles continue to be bought on all the avenues of which such creations can be advertised.

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One of such items which continues to flourish in the internet market and the physical market which was branded from this iconic conception is the walking dead shoes which have many collections from which it is produced today. The wears extend to a wide variety of shirts merchandise, shoes merchandise, bed covers merchandise and some other wears collection which continues to dominate the market today. Aside from the American national markets, the walking dead branded collections are spreading internationally and it continues to make debut all around the world as more and more products branded in its name continues to be circulated by dealers worldwide.

The walking dead fans appreciate the branding of products by their favorite characters in the series or gaming premiere and so, they buy the items even if it is expensive. This is true especially among the fans who have a lot of passion for the concept and they hold it in high esteem. The walking dead shoes are created just like the ones worn by the characters in the series premiere and then the shoes are then branded with the faces or series designs, or even some places or items which are an essential aspect of the concept.

The walking dead shoe collection and other items created by the series company for sale can also be replicated by using the normal system of branding and designing. This mostly forms one of the reasons why the walking dead shoes continue to be in the increase around the world. This is because many dealers who know about the art of printing have engaged themselves in the making of the walking dead items by replicating the original branded items in their own patterns.

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